Southeast Louisiana Birth Doula

Childbirth is an exciting, terrifying, beautiful experience. A birth doula can help make that experience more beautiful and less terrifying. The term “doula” comes from a Greek word meaning “woman servant” or “caregiver.”


What Is A Birth Doula?
A birth doula is a trained professional who helps to support and educate a birthing mother during her birthing experience. She provides both physical and psychological aid to empower a birthing mother so she can have a better chance of having a healthier and more satisfying birthing experience. A birth doula is the birth mother’s advocate, but she does not take the place of the mother’s partners in labor. Her presence can give the partner more freedom to help in ways other than being a birth coach, and a birth doula can intervene as much or as little as desired. Her job is to support the mother, and prior to the actual birth, a birth doula will get to know the mother to better support her.


What Does A Birth Doula Do?
A birth doula's job is to “mother the mother” and provide continuous support during labor. A birth doula is typically present before, during, and after the birth for a time to help support the new family. Birth doulas help educate their clients on birthing procedures and help the mother bond with her baby once he or she arrives. She can assist with both medicated and unmedicated births as well as help a mother begin her breastfeeding journey.


What Are The Benefits Of A Birth Doula?
Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth, a Cochrane Review, indicated that a doula’s presence resulted in a higher number of positive birth outcomes with women less likely to have pain-relief medications and fewer c-sections.


The Presence Of A Birth Doula May...

reduce the overall rate of c-section by 50%

reduce the length of labor by 25%

reduce the use of synthetic oxytocin by 40%

reduce the request for an epidural by 60%




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