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Discovery Toys - Marissa Winters -  Discovery Toys products are designed with the understanding that children learn best through play. From birth to school aged children learn through physically interacting with the environment using all of their senses t

Discovery Toys - Marissa Winters

Hello! My name is Marissa. I am a wife, a mother of 2 sons (9 and 1 year), a teacher, and I am also Educational Consultant with Discovery Toys. I wear many different hats but the one I love most is being a mom. I always want what is "best" for my kids. I know you do too. That is why I am urging you to bring back play! Lets face it, kids love electronics! The tablet, computer, and TV are favorites in my household but we decided to limit screen time. We brought back pure imagination play ad Discovery Toys helped! Our toys, books, games and music, engage learning, inites the imagination, and inspires children to learn. There are also products for parents and educators too!