Doulightful Beginnings Birth Care

Doulightful Beginnings Birth Care - Pregnancy Support, Childbirth Education, Labor/Birth Doula, Postpartum support
I am Chelsey Hernandez, founder of Doulightful Beginnings Birth Care. As a full time teacher, I believe continual education is the cornerstone to our growth as individuals. I believe a woman's birthing experience can impact the rest of her life by giving her a sense of empowerment or a feeling of defeat. Now it is my passion to be the doula YOU need me to be whether you choose to deliver at a hospital, birthing center, or at home! I have a natural childbirth overview, but can support ALL women to try to achieve the birth outcome(s) they desire.

For my clients, I currently offer 1-3 prenatal visits, phone/text support during pregnancy and immediate postpartum, assistance in creating a birth plan, on call for labor and birth from 38-42 weeks gestation, continuous support during your labor/birth, postpartum and breastfeeding support for at least 1-2 hours following the birth, and one postpartum visit. I can also coach you on optimal fetal positioning and help your partner know his/her support role and more! 

Contact me via my Facebook page for Doulightful Beginnings Birth Care to schedule your FREE consult! I am offering my services at an EXTREMELY discounted rate over the summer months while I am working on finishing my certification. I have attended training with a local Houston midwife, Shannon Stellhorn, of A Sacred Journey Midwifery Services, and will also be attending an Acupressure workshop in April in addition to the other requirements for my certification.

Much Love, God Bless, and Happy Birthing!
~Chelsey Hernandez
Doulightful Beginnings Birth Care - Pregnancy Support, Childbirth Education, Labor/Birth Doula, Postpartum support


  • Having a relationship with a doula from the prenatal to postnatal period is so helpful ! Wonderful that you are offering this service ❤️

    S d
  • Her FB site has a lot of helpful informative articles! I enjoyed reading about the different topics and learning how to encourage my wife as a mother.

    Drake Hutcheson
  • First of all the name you have chosen is so amazing! I totally needed you when we had our first babe!

    River Martin
  • The way you describe yourself and your work you can pass a huge confidence in what you are doing, this is one of the most important things in all this process. I am pretty sure you are very important for all your clients.

  • I absolutely love that you support women in their birthing desires and not just one way. And you are so right about birthing experience effecting the rest of a woman’s life! I’m hoping our second experience will be much better.

    Trista Gray

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